Our carpentry services cover a range of applications from roofing, all the down to setting skirting boards and hanging doors. We also service projects that can involve kitchen and bathroom renovations and bedroom fit-outs.


There is nothing worse than a project running over deadline. That’s why we always keep you in the loop to let you know where the status of the project sits along with any updates.


We respect that we’ll be working in your home and so will make every effort to keep our work area tidy whilst completing the project and clean up any mess left after.


The work we will be doing isn’t just in a commercial warehouse somewhere, it’s your home. So we ensure that no stone is left unturned and the project is completed to the highest standard.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to host family and friends over on those summer evenings and server them drinks from your own personal mini-bar in your back garden? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming about getting rid of those old wardrobes and cupboards in your bedroom?  We can help you turn those dreams into reality and build you a space that you’ll fall in love with.

Throughout our time in the industry we have worked on a range of different projects that cover these areas as well as much more. No job is too big or small for us and we are always competitively prices whilst providing the same level of quality service you’d expect from a specialist team.



Nothing everything will be completed as a new project. A lot of the time there is already an existing structure that just needs to TLC to bring it back to it’s former glory days.

Our expert team of carpentry specialists will work to understand what you’d like to do and repair or replace the materials necessary to carry the project out. This type of work could include fallen fence panels, doors coming away from the frames, a crack in a shed walling and much more.



Have you got an idea for a space in your home that you need advice with? Or already have the blueprints and are ready to move on it? Please request a callback below and we’ll start a conversation with you about your requirements.

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